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 "I used to work and negotiate traffic fines on behalf of the city... Now, I work on behalf of those cited by the city."

Former Deputy City Attorney, Barnet G. LeVine 


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         Traffic Ticket Services

Traffic tickets affect more than your ability to lawfully drive...

The issuance of traffic citations or traffic tickets can lead to fines being levied against  you, and varying amounts of "points" being deducted from your operator's license yearly driving record (depending on the cited driving infraction, varying amounts of point deductions drawn from a yearly driving record that affects the status and eligibility of your driver's license can apply).  

But the consequences extend well beyond the incidental costs of citations, license suspensions and revocations that are typically associated with infractions: job loss, industry marketability (especially for commercial drivers), transportation concerns, inconvenience and concerns of being pulled over while driving with outstanding warrants can add up...  And of course, hiring a lawyer seems like another added expense... But if you pose the price you'd pay to hire a lawyer, with the likely decrease in the overall expense that followed from what your lawyer obtained (whether it's through a dismissal or reduction of the type and/or amount of traffic citations, affecting their costs and fines), you'd be saving money by wisely spending it...  And you'd be even wiser, if you hired the right attorney: One that does more, for less.  Call my firm: 702 449-1289, and we'll discuss your traffic tickets/citations and produce a working arrangement that helps you legally, without hurting you financially.

 Former Deputy City Attorney, Barnet G. Levine (P-78450).

former Deputy City Attorney 


recently helped clients:

                                                                             Call (702) 449-1289

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RESULTING DISPOSITION: Non Moving violation (significant reduction in costs, fines and points).



Offered Services include, but are not limited to helping the following drivers:   

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  • Commercial truck/vehicle drivers

  • Taxi Cab Drivers

  • Department of Transportation

  • Local (City, county/state)

  • Uber Drivers 

  • Delivery Drivers

  • Bus Drivers

  • Non Commercial Drivers

  • Personal Automobile Drivers

  • Equipment Operators

  • DEQ and DNR matters

  • Employee Drivers

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